Maintaining Hygiene On Escalator Handrails

Handrails of escalators currently used by many are the cause of major hygiene issues due to pathogenic bacteria. While those who are aware of hygiene issues choose not to hold onto these handrails, they themselves run the risk of losing balance on escalators, posing major safety risks in malls, hospitals, stadiums, convention centers, shopping centers, office buildings and airports.

The Clearwin Escalator Sanitizer System was designed as a sanitizing system capable of killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria*, through a simple lightweight design that is easy to install and has low maintenance costs.

Clearwin Product Features

CONTINUOUS SANITIZATION: Continuous and efficient sanitization along with escalator drive.

UV-C SANITIZATION: 99.9% sanitization rate against various bacteria on handrails.*

SIMPLE: Compact and light design does not cause inconvenience to travellers or escalator operation.

FEASIBILITY: Financially feasible cost of ownership.

SELF GENERATION: Safe self-generation method without the danger of electrical accident.

Hygiene Cost Comparison


No Power Required

Power generated from motion of the escalator handrail.


3 Different Designs Fit All Escalators

Adjustable feature allows for use with varying heights and designs of escalators.


Lightweight Construction

The lightweight construction translates to ease of installation as well as lower cost on maintenance.


10,000 Hours On UV Lamp

Lowered maintenance cost with 10,000 hour guaranteed lifespan on UV lamps.


12 Month Warranty

All supplied units carry a 12 months warranty from date of installation.


Low Running Cost

Less than a cup of coffee per day.

Patented innovative technology that kills 99.9% of various harmful bacteria found on escalator handrails*.

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