UV-C Light Sanitizing “Pen”

While the pandemic has brought the importance of sanitization to our attention, it isn’t the only danger that we face. Various bacteria** coat the surfaces that we touch on a daily basis, so help keep your family safe with the help of ClearwinUS. We offer CLEARSCAN, our UV-C sanitizing pen so that you can sanitize any surface on the go.

Our UV-C Light Sanitizing “Pen”

UV-C rays are a type of ultraviolet light that is known to effectively kill bacteria on basically any surface. And our pen comes in an easy-to-use form that allows quick and easy sanitization whenever you need it. Sanitize your phone, your car keys, your mouse and keyboard, your water bottle, or any other surface that you’re worried about in a few seconds.

All you have to do is slide out the light and slowly move it right above the surface you want to santitize. Our UV-C sanitizing pen is meant to be simple, easy, portable, and extremely effective.

Scroll down to learn more about UV light, features you’ll love, and how to use our pen. You can also check out the test report for efficacy in sanitizing at the bottom of the page. Contact us at +1 (561) 528-2768 to buy your own CLEARSCAN pen.


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CLEARSCAN Product Features

Light and compact for its portability yet effective. A sanitizer to help protect you and your loved ones.

POWERFUL SANITIZING OF PROVEN UV-C LEDS: 99.9% sanitizing rate against known bacteria **.

PORTABILITY: At just 1.1 oz (32g)  and “pen” shaped it is truly light weight, compact yet highly effective.

MODERN DESIGN: Perfect fit for urban life style.

TRIPLE SAFETY: Double cap with operating timer to protect the user. An internal gyro automatically turns the “pen” off if rotated more than 90° away from object.

QUICK CHARGING BATTERY: The device can be used up to 200 times after just 40 minutes of charging (activates for 20 seconds after pressing the on button)

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**Efficacy Test Results For Sanitizing Against Harmful Bacteria