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Do Travel UV Wands Work?

Many consumers are aware of UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays, but they are often less familiar with UV-C rays. UV-A rays have the longest wavelength with UV-B rays somewhat shorter, and it is these wavelengths that are responsible for sunburns and aging skin. UV-C rays are of an even shorter wavelength, and so the naturally occurring variety is mostly blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere. However, artificial UV light at this particular wavelength has proven to be potent for sanitization purposes.

To harness this resource, innovative companies are turning their research and development to devices such as UV sanitizing wands or pens. This technology has actually been available since the 1930s but has recently come to a higher level of awareness as industries across the world seek novel sanitization options for various forms of bacteria and other contaminants within the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors.

How Do UV Pens and Wands Work?

bacteriaFirst, how does UV light affect bacterial growth? UV wands and pens take advantage of the decontaminating properties of UV-C light with its wavelengths in the 200 to 400 nm range. Direct exposure of bacteria to those wavelengths will cause the molecular bonds of bacterial DNA – including antibiotic-resistant superbugs – to break apart.

So how does UV light damage DNA? UV light targets bacterial DNA and activates cytosine or thymine creation within it. By altering the DNA’s genetic makeup, artificial UV-C light can destroy bacteria cells, as well as inactivate their reproduction function, all while leaving animal cells intact. By adjusting the wavelength of UV light, UV pens and wands can harmlessly irradiate bacteria.

Manufacturers capitalize on this molecular process, building UV sanitizers according to the amount of space available for a sanitizing unit and the targeted surface for cleaning. A variety of at-home UV technologies, such as transportable wands and pens, are extremely successful in killing a range of disease-creating pathogens. 

Benefits of UV Pens and Wands

Does UV sanitizing work? Even without chemicals, UV-light sanitizing is highlyeffective at killing non-beneficial microorganisms and does so almost immediately upon light contact. A UV pen or wand does not require special accessory equipment or additional materials and is completely transportable. As these technologies are not only highly effective but also inexpensive, they are an increasingly accessible option to consumers for sanitizing most surfaces on the go.

Additional UV pen and wand benefits include:

  • Design. Manufacturers design these lightweight tools for comfortable handling and storage, so users can easily stash these small, handheld devices away in a bag. Despite their size, they provide an even distribution of UV light over a surface for optimal sanitization.
  • Transportability. Once again, the minimal size of these devices makes them ideal for users to bring them along when they leave home, sanitizing high-touch surfaces when traveling or on any public outing.
  • Safety. As long as users handle and operate the devices properly per instructions, there is almost no danger when utilizing UV light for routine sanitization. For added safety, some devices include sensors that automatically shut the device down if a user tips it upwards by a 90° angle to prevent eye contact.
  • Rechargeability. UV light devices are typically rechargeable and come with an adapter so that users can always have their wand or pen charged and ready.

Travel Applications for UV Pens and Wands

Travelers are the target consumers for these devices, and manufacturers design them as a simple and affordable yet effective option for portable sanitizing. UV wands and pens can sanitize:

  •     ATMs
  •     Bathroom surfaces like countertops, faucets, and knobs
  •     Cell phones
  •     Computer keyboards
  •     Gym equipment
  •     Hospitals
  •     Hotel door knobs, light switches, remotes, phones, and pillows
  •     Plane headrests and seat-back tables
  •     Rental car steering wheels
  •     Shopping carts or baskets

Direct UV light works on practically any surface while requiring no chemicals and leaving no odor or sticky residue behind. Travel UV sanitizing wands and pens can give travelers peace of mind when coming into contact with high-touch surfaces away from home.

Sanitization With ClearwinUS

ClearwinUS is the US distributor of the CLEARSCAN UV-C sanitizing pen, which is highly effective at killing 99.9% of various bacteria such as staph. aureus and E. coli. With a life of 10,000 hours of light and a minimal 40-minute charging period, the CLEARSCAN pen offers users reliable protection against pathogens both at home and in public, and easy portability as the pen weighs just over one ounce at 4.9 inches long.

To learn more, browse our line of products, or visit the ClearScan site. If you have any questions about ClearwinUS’ novel and innovative applications of UV technology, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.