An Escalator Sanitizer Solution With ClearwinUS

Statistics and public opinion are clear that the majority of people who use escalators do not hold onto the rail because of the uncertainty of bacteria and concern over possible infection. Escalator handrails are easily prone to these elements and even more so where there is a mass of public gathering at airports, shopping malls, metro stations, stadiums and convention centers etc. The surface of the handrail is a hotbed of various bacteria and amongst the germiest of anything the public can touch (1).

Our sanitization device utilizes a process to eliminate 99.9% of various harmful bacterial strains* found on handrails through Ultraviolet Irradiation (UVI), thus reducing potential sources of infection to other users. While the escalator handrail is moving, the UV-C lamps in the device continuously sanitize various types of bacteria that inhabit the handrail.

ClearwinUS are the Representative and Distributor for the Clearwin Escalator Handrail Sanitizer System in the United States of America. Through this innovation, Clearwin Korea Co. Ltd.  provides considerable hygienic benefits to our environment and the public while utilizing escalators in a routinely, daily function.

We view escalator handrail hygiene as essential for customer awareness. Cleaning is NOT sanitizing. Sanitizing is NOT cleaning. Both work together to protect the public.


Considering the current situation and global sensitivity surrounding various harmful bacteria, our Clearwin UV-C Escalator Handrail Sanitizer is an immediate solution for the present and the future wherever escalators are in service. With millions of people utilizing escalators as either shoppers or passengers, they are immediately stepping onto escalators where the surface of the handrail is a hotbed of bacteria.

This is a known fact (1)

Through the innovation of Clearwin Korea Co; Ltd. continuous sanitization of the escalator handrail through our device, offers not only effectiveness against various harmful bacteria, but an awareness of the public that it is OK to hold the rail voluntarily. From a hygienic safety aspect, our Clearwin unit enhances the experience of shoppers and passengers alike, providing visual awareness of sanitization of escalator handrails with our device installed.

We sincerely believe that this is not for choice but essential in today’s environment and for the operating cost of “less than a cup of coffee per day”, is a huge factor when enhancing your customer experience and showing consideration for their safety.

Patented innovative technology that kills 99.9% of various harmful bacteria found on escalator handrails*.

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